Getting ready for the first test

Solutions to the homework of 11/5.  Check your answers and let me know if you have any questions.  Even though only the odd ones were assigned, I am giving you the solutions to the evens as well, so if you have the time, you can do extra problems…always a good idea.

solutions to homework odd and even

The following link is to the sheet I gave out Friday, and that we worked on in class.  It is an outline of the types of problems we did in class and for homework over the last few weeks.  You should be able to do all of these problems by now, and I recommend comparing answers with classmates and helping each other.  This may not be a exhaustive listing of the typical problems we did, but it is pretty close.

Can you do all of these ?

The following link gives the text book description of how to understand the Chain Rule.

chain rule text


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I am am a mechanical engineer and a math and physics teacher. I like to understand the way things work, to know about new things that are being developed, and to understand how math impacts everything. I value my time and yours and will only post quality material.
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