Getting ready for the midterm

The following topics will be on the midterm exam.

slope of tangent line  Given a function you should be able to find the equation of a tangent line for a given x.

product rule  Be able to use the product rule to  find the derivative of f(x)g(x).

quotient rule   Be able to use the quotient rule to find the derivative of a quotient, f(x)/g(x).

implicit differentiation Find dy/dx given an expression in terms of x and y.

related rates  Analyzing variables changing in time in a non-linear way.

(optimization will not be on the mid-term)


About mrsiderer

I am am a mechanical engineer and a math and physics teacher. I like to understand the way things work, to know about new things that are being developed, and to understand how math impacts everything. I value my time and yours and will only post quality material.
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