Homework 1/7/16 with answers

Tonight’s homework is based on the problems posted in yesterday’s blog posting.  Do numbers 27 – 35, odd, finding the absolute max and min within the given range, and also the relative max and min if there is one.

When you find the first derivative and find that there is no value of x that results in the slope of the tangent line equalling 0, take that to mean that a relative max or min does not exist, and go on to look for absolute max and mins.

After doing these problems it might be helpful to look at the TI-84 to check your work. Also check the answers below.

Solutions are attached for you to check your answers.  Problem 33 had a point of non-differentiability which complicated this problem a bit.  I will avoid those type conditions on this test.  Problem 35 had a long computation for second derivative.  You will not see one that long on the test.

Homework ANSWERS Jan 7 2016



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I am am a mechanical engineer and a math and physics teacher. I like to understand the way things work, to know about new things that are being developed, and to understand how math impacts everything. I value my time and yours and will only post quality material.
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