Homework 1/27/16 with solution

One homework problem today in addition to test review:

Find the smallest surface area right circular cylinder with a volume of 54 cubic inches.  Only scroll down for the helpline if you are truly stuck.  Read this statement of the problem 3 or 4 times, make a diagram and state in your own words what you need to find before attacking the problem.



(You will need for form an equation for the total surface area.  This is the function you need to optimize.  Make sure to demonstrate whether this is a max or a min.)  Look up any formulas you need.

Solution:  rt cylinder min surface


About mrsiderer

I am am a mechanical engineer and a math and physics teacher. I like to understand the way things work, to know about new things that are being developed, and to understand how math impacts everything. I value my time and yours and will only post quality material.
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