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Partial derivative hw with worked out examples

When a function is defined in terms of two variable, say x and y, you can assume one of them stays constant and see how the function changes when the other one changes.  That is called taking the partial derivative. … Continue reading

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Benoit Mandelbrot and Fractals

In class we saw a YouTube, “Hunting the Hidden Dimension,” a NOVA special on Fractals. I am including the link so that those who missed the video will be able to make it up.  There will be up to 10 … Continue reading

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HW 4/13

Do the two problems for homework, understanding that for the first one you need to find the volume of rotation, and the second one, you only have to evaluate an integral– old stuff. hw 4 13 16

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Volume of rotation 4/12/16

Classwork:  vol of rotation 4 12 16 Homework:  HW 4 12 16

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hw 4/7/16 and class notes

From the whiteboard: class notes 4 7 16 homework: hw 4 7 16  

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Area between 2 curves

Do these two problems which are similar to what we did in class. area between curves

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